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Naked 100 Cream Pineapple Berry Ejuice

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Cream Pineapple Berry Ejuice, which was Berry Lush Ejuice by Naked 100,  lets you indulge in a warm and fruity blend of tropical pineapple chunks and sun-kissed strawberry slices, topped with a dollop of light and sweet whipped cream!

Brand: Naked 100 |Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Fruit

Cream Pineapple Berry Ejuice Flavor Description

Take a stroll through a lush cloud of sweet fruits, bursting with fresh strawberry and exotic pineapple flavor! Enjoy a generous helping of tropical goodies, gently landing on your tongue in a pure and deliciously fruity cloud! Warm summer strawberry slices deliver a rush of ruby-red juiciness, kissed by the sun and ready to infuse your clouds with lush sweetness. Freshly sliced tropical pineapples deliver a zinger of flavor to your clouds, offering a tart and tangy sweetness in every cloud! As a delicious finisher, a cold dollop of freshly whipped cream is plopped on top of the fruits, delivering a creamy blend to a freshly cut bowl of fruits. The good people at Naked 100 wanted to create flavors that vapers everywhere could recognize as delicious and pure. What better way to showcase outstanding flavors then to brand your eliquids as naked and clean and pure in flavor, and bursting with 100% authenticity? Naked 100 takes the guesswork out of choosing a new flavor, and delivers a sweet and hard-hitting eliquid that will delight your vape taste buds and the nostrils of any vaper around! Stuff your face and delight your vape taste buds with a delish pairing of tangy pineapples and summer strawberries smothered in sweet whipped cream, thanks to Berry Lush by Naked 100!