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Mr. Good Vape 3 Pack Ejuice Bundle

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Flavor Description

Melon Head, Moon Sugar, and Sweet Lovin’ Ejuice by Mr. Good Vape tempt you to enjoy rich and sweet cantaloupe, papaya, and mango in one cloud; feast on warm and buttery cookie crumbs and caramel in the next; and lose yourself in a cloud of sweet hard watermelon candies with a sugary strawberry bubblegum center!

Bottle Size: 300ml (3x100ml) | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Dessert, Sweets, & Fruit

Full Flavor Description

First up, we have Melon Head. Cold and juicy cantaloupe wedges are carved from these fat and ripe melons, releasing a light orange hue in every slice and a burst of flavor in every bite! Next, we have exotic papaya, fresh and warmed by the summer sun. The sweet fruit is sliced in half, revealing a deep reddish orange hue in every thick slice. Fresh and juicy papaya juice pools underneath each slice, ready to be scooped up and blended with the other exotic fruits in this delicious eliquid. And finally, we have tropical Caribbean mangoes! These soft and sweet fruits offer a burst of the wild tropics in every bite, having just been plucked from the slowly swaying mango trees.

Next, we have Moon Sugar. Stacks of buttery graham crackers are split into halves and quarter pieces and pounded into finely crushed crumbs, smooth enough to sift your hands through. Next, we have sweet sugar cookies, crafted from whipped eggs, melted butter, pure cane sugar, and sultry Tahitian vanilla. After these luscious cookie treats are baked to a golden brown, they get ground into soft silky particles that send off hints of warmth and sugary scents. The graham cracker and sugar cookies crumbs are stirred together to form a sandstorm of sweet and buttery goodness. For the final ingredient, rich and luxurious butterscotch is melted into liquid form, and drizzled thickly over the cookie crumb mixture to form an oasis of flavor for your parched palette!

Lastly in this delicious trio, we have Sweet Lovin’. Our candy makers came upon a wild and brooding watermelon patch, bursting with fat and juicy melons on vines as far the eye could see. Nearby, a wild strawberry patch with ruby-red berries offered a plentiful harvest of sun-kissed goodness in every heaping handful. Not wanting these lush fruits to go to waste, the candymakers carted away as much as they could carry of these sweet fruits, squeezing them down into pure liquid form. Next, they carefully added a crunchy candy powder to the melon juice and a chewy bubblegum powder to the strawberries! These sweet liquids bubbled and foamed and hissed until the vapor cleared, and a beautiful strawberry lollipop with a chewy watermelon bubblegum center was left in its place!