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Mix Nectar Berry Ejuice

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Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Sweets

Nectar Berry combines succulent nectarines, juicy apples and farm fresh strawberries into one enjoyable combination that is sure to tilt your taste buds fully.

Full Flavor Description

Nectar Berry from MIX Eliquid offers a winning combination of fruity flavors, rich crisp Fuji apples and a fresh splash of chosen strawberries that coats up the taste buds in a refreshing flash. This is a juice which brings two types of fruits together to make a mashup of epic proportions that will whirl your buds and mind. Mix E Liquid develops some of the most interesting and inspiring flavors, varieties, aromas, scents, flavorings, sauces, teas, juices and more that you will ever try out with its entirely unique way of making mixtures which distinguish themselves from anything else on the market. Nectar Berry combines delicious nectarines with fresh, juicy apples and farm strawberries into a delicious mix that has your taste-buds fully tilted.