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Milk King Honey Ejuice

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Milk King

Honey eJuice by Milk King delivers a sweet and sticky cloud of golden blossom honey stirred into a tall glass of milk! Savor the sweetness of the honey, followed by the creaminess of the milk in every cloud. Cloud chasers searching for a perfect blend of milky sweetness will undoubtedly love this delicious all-day vape juice! 

Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Sweets

Full Flavor Description

Enter into a kingdom flowing with riches, but not the kind you'd expect. We're talking about rich flavor emanating from majestic clouds, treating your taste buds like royalty with every puff! First up in this powerful flavor is the honey. Golden blossom honey was gathered from the kingdom's finest beehives, the bees buzzing fiercely as they try to guard and protect their prized possession. Once enough honey was harvested, it's time to add it to the next majestic ingredient: the milk! The king's finest milking cows have been milked until rows of milk jugs are filled to the brim. This frothy cream sends up sweet scents of milky goodness, ready to delight your taste buds with its royal flavor.

Honey and milk are swirled together to create a sweet and sticky e-liquid blend that your taste buds will swoon over. Enjoy a delicious creation of the finest ingredients in all the kingdom, crafted specifically for your royal highness! The sweetness of the honey is easily detected on the inhale, gracing your taste buds with its lush sweetness. Then on the exhale, the pure creamy flavor of the milk washes over your taste buds in lovingly thick waves. Keep your taste buds pampered with the delicious flavor of milk and honey in every cloud, all made possible by Honey eJuice by Milk King!