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Milk King Chocolate Ejuice

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Milk King

Chocolate eJuice by Milk King presents a sweet milk chocolate bar melted into a liquid and slowly mixed with a tall glass of milk! Enjoy a delicious cloud of milk and chocolate in every puff, thanks to this delicious e-liquid creation by Milk King! Chocolate e-liquids are difficult to come by, but we think you'll be delighted with this all-day vape juice!

Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Sweets

Full Flavor Description

There once was a king who had an insatiable appetite for chocolate. His loyal subjects dedicated their lives to creating the richest and creamiest chocolate bars for the beloved king. The king's rooms were soon overflowing with chocolate, so one day a tired cowhand decided to store the chocolate in the barn near the storage rooms. The next morning, the cowhand entered the barn to move the chocolate to allow the king better access to his precious storage. Yet when he flung open the barn doors, he discovered that the cows were happily devouring the chocolate. Horrified, the cowhand tried to wrestle the chocolate away from the cows, but it was too late!

Most of the chocolate had been gone. Just before the miserable cowhand decided to inform the king, he decided his last act would be to milk the cows and offer the milk as a peace offering. But instead of smooth and creamy white milk, the cows were producing rich and frothy chocolate milk! Delighted, the cowhand lugged the heavy jugs to the throne room, where he jubilantly presented the newfound chocolate milk to the king. The king was so excited, he demanded that his master vape chemist recreate the same flavor into an e-liquid, so that the entire kingdom could sample the delicious flavor. Enjoy this tribute from the king and enjoy a rich and frothy cloud of pure premium milk chocolate, thanks to the gracious gift of Chocolate eJuice by Milk King!