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Milk King Cereal Ejuice

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Milk King

Cereal eJuice by Milk King presents a brimming bowl of sweet and crunchy rainbow cereal doused with cold creamy milk! Enjoy a delicious cloud of Saturday morning nostalgia with this delicious e-liquid rendition of a bowl of cereal and milk. This milky e-liquid might just turn out to be your new all-day favorite!

Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Sweets

Full Flavor Description

Legend has it that the king's favorite milk cow was abducted by aliens, poked and prodded until they had finished their examinations, and then left the sow miles away from the kingdom. The king was so distraught, he sent out messengers to find his beloved milking cow, but no one was successful. The king's master vape chemist entered the throne room and humbly presented this e-liquid flavor, hoping to cheer the king up. The king was delighted with the rich flavor that he began to vape it day and night. The scent of this e-liquid wafted to where the beloved milk cow was, and she followed the scent all the way home!

The king was delighted, and as thanks to the master vape chemist for discovering a way to bring back his precious sow, he made this e-liquid available to all the vapers who desired a sweet and milky e-liquid. This delicious e-liquid contains notes of the king's favorite crunchy cereal, doused with the rich and creamy milk throughout. If you close your eyes, you can almost sense your clouds wandering back towards the kingdom, ready to lead you the famed kingdom itself! Enjoy a delicious flavor of crunchy cereal and creamy milk in a single puff, thanks to this marvelous e-liquid called Cereal by Milk King!