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Melon Twist Eliquids Chilled Melon Remix

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Melon Twist - Chilled Melon Remix is a one-of-a-kind vape juice that is part of the Twist Liquids line. This eliquid has the flavor of ripe honeydew melon and menthol.

Melon Twist - Chilled Melon Remix is a unique vape juice with an exquisite taste. The flavors in this eliquid are of premium quality, and they come together excellently. The mixers at Melon Twist did a great job in Melon Twist - Chilled Melon Remix. This eliquid is one of the best menthol and fruit-flavored eliquid on the market. Melon Twist - Chilled Melon Remix is the kind of ejuice that you need for the summer season. The flavor of this Twist Liquids ejuice will keep you feeling refreshed as the summer season arrives. Melon Twist - Chilled Melon Remix is an ideal all-day vape.

Melon Twist - Chilled Melon Remix by Twist Liquids. This inhale of this eliquid is rich and sets the tone that follows throughout. When you take a hit of Melon Twist - Chilled Melon Remix, it is the taste of the ripe honeydew melon and its sweet taste that fills the mouth. And on the exhale, it is the chilly menthol flavor that comes alive.