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Lost Art 5 Pack Ejuice Bundle

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Flavor Description

Cottontail Cream, Gummy Glu, Space Rockz, The Mystery Flavor, and Unicorn Puke Ejuice by Lost Art welcomes you into the family with these five delicious flavors! Enjoy strawberries and cream, chewy gummy bears, poppin’ rock candy, mystery-flavored taffy, and creamy rainbow sherbet as you satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with an eliquid brand that’s been one of the original vape brands in the industry!

Bottle Size: 360ML (3x120ml) | Ratio: 60/40 | Flavor Type: Sweets & Dessert

Full Flavor Description

First up, we have Cottontail Cream. Spiral into a matrix of flavor, woven with intricate flavor and delightful clouds, thick and fluffy like a rabbit’s tail. Grab this bowl of red strawberry flavor and let’s see how deep this rabbit hole really goes! Feast on freshly cut slices of sun-kissed strawberries, ripened by the summer sun and brimming with juicy fruit flavor! Each of these strawberries were tenderly gathered in a wild berry patch, where fluffy white rabbits in waistcoats and ticking watches often briefly stop to nosh on the sweet fruits as a quick bite. As they mutter about how late they are, they scamper through the underbrush, with only a glimpse of their white cottontails disappearing through the brambles. As a tribute to those tardy rabbits, a dollop of white whipped cream is plopped on top of this brimming berry bowl, adding a dash of fluffy sweetness to each delicious fruit slice.

Next, we have Gummy Glu. Each soft and chewy gummy bear is melted down into gooey sweetness that glues your clouds together in sweet and chewy harmony! Each gummy bear has dedicated its life for the furtherance of your clouds, and gladly lays its lifeless body before you in sweet and chewy liquid goodness! Delight your clouds with a fruity chewy goodness in candy form, perfect to satisfy your ravenous sweet tooth cravings.

Thirdly, we have Space Rockz. Send your vape taste buds into outer space with this starstruck burst of sweet candied goodness! Ruby red strawberries are gleaned from the forests of Mars, surrounded by vapid pools of glassy lakes. These fascinating berries burst into a pile of rocks the moment you touch them, sending a candied asteroid shower of goodness around the planet. But no strawberry flavor is complete without its famous partner: sweet and exotic kiwi! Yet these are no ordinary kiwis, of course not! These kiwis were gleaned from the asteroid belt of Jupiter, each fruit bursting into a thousand shards the moment they come into contact with each other. Each of these fruits offer a delicious fruity blend of space rocks that are certain to take your vape taste buds to moon and back!

Fourthly, we have The Mystery Flavor. Instead of being told what a flavor is, now you can let your vape taste buds be the judge! Is it a fruit eliquid, stuffed with warm and freshly picked fruits that beg to infuse your clouds with sweet and tropical flavor? Or is it a candy flavor, mischievous and cunning? Whether or not this fruit was made in the orchard and groves, or the candy factory in CandyLand, your vape taste buds are in for a treat! Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and get to the bottom of this mystery, using your two most important weapons: clouds scent and vapor flavor! No need for a Baskerville bloodhound to crack this case; you’ve narrowed this mystery down to two flavors, either candy or fruit.

Lastly in this delicious trio, we have Unicorn Puke. Triple churned in the stomach of a tipsy unicorn, this flavor delivers a cold and creamy bowl of freshly scooped sherbet, brimming with sweet and delicious rainbow flavor. Feast on a smooth and creamy orange, cold and sweet in every bite, and offering just a touch of zesty orange. Two other citrus flavors are also nestled gently next to the citrus burst: soft lemon and creamy lime! This green flavor offers a smooth and refreshing burst of slightly sour and deliciously sweet citrus, washing over your vape palette in sweet and creamy waves. And finally, a cold burst of raspberry completes the rainbow sherbet scoop, delivering a powerful burst of creamy berry blended with sweet cream.