Loaded Glazed Donuts eJuice

by Loaded
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Flavor Description

Glazed Donuts eJuice by Loaded lets you enjoy a freshly glazed donut, hot from the oven and dripping with decadent sweetness. The Hot Donuts sign is on and your vape taste buds are invited!

Bottle Size: 120mL | Ratio: 70/30  | Flavor Type: Dessert

Full Flavor Description

Stuff your face with freshly fried donuts, sweet and delicious in every bite. Each doughy bite melts in your mouth and offers a little piece of dessert heaven, soft and fluffy as you pull it apart with sticky fingers. What makes this dessert so sweet and sticky? A heavenly glaze washes over the donut is thick and molten layers, coating every single section of the donut with sweet sticky goodness. The donuts are so hot the glaze nearly melts right off, pooling in little sticky puddles! These decadent treats are the perfect treat for any sweet tooth cravings and deliver a rush of freshly baked goodness in every cloud. Add a tall chilled glass of milk, and your vape taste buds will be in heaven!

Loaded stays true to its name, and stuffs full-bodied flavor into every cloud. Loaded with a baker’s dozen of freshly glazed donuts and tall glasses of creamy milk, this flavor is sure to become your next go-to favorite! Take your vape taste buds to the next level of dessert e-liquid favorites, and munch on a freshly fried donut, dripping with a sweet sugary glaze, and paired with a cold glass of milk, thanks to Glazed Donuts by Loaded!


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