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Licks 2 Pack Eliquid Bundle

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Flavor Description

Gummi B. and Swish Ejuice by Licks treats your vape taste buds to sweet and chewy red cherry fish-shaped candy, swimming through your clouds with the greatest of ease! Sweet and chewy gummy bears invade your clouds with a delightful sweetness, promising to overwhelm your vape taste buds with fresh and yummy flavor, ready to delight your vape taste buds with every chewy puff!

Bottle Size: 200ml (2x100ml) | Ratio: 80/20 | Flavor Type: Sweets

Full Flavor Description

First up, we have Gummi B. Enter into the great realm of candy goodness, and feast your eyes on a heaping pile of sweet gummy bears! Whether you like to bite off the head, feast on the lower paws, or tear the gummy bear in half, these sweet and gummy treats are now available for instant gratification of your insatiable sweet tooth cravings. Tear into that gold pack of gummy bears and unleash clouds in a rich and flavorful puff of sweet and chewy goodness.

Lastly in this delicious duo, we have Swish. Take your vape taste buds on a trip to the underwater candy store, spewing mouthfuls of delicious candy and chewy flavor. This sweet and chewy flavor will have you licking your lips with each puff of mouthwatering goodness. These soft cherry fish candies tumble out in waves of chewy goodness, ready to ambush your vape taste buds with sweet flavor. Whether or not you pour them out in handfuls or chomp on them one by one, this tasty eliquid will keep your sweet tooth cravings at bay. Tear into that yellow, blue, and red pack of chewy cherry fish and unleash clouds in a rich and flavorful puff of sweet and chewy goodness.