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Lemon Twist 4 pack Eliquid Bundle

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The Lemon Twist 4 pack includes four juicy flavors from the lemonade themed lineup.

Get 120ml of each flavor (4 flavors) for a total fo 480ml's of bundled vape juice savings. 

Peach Blossom Lemonade - features the delicious taste of Lemon Twist's signature lemonade base combined with fresh, juicy peach slices floating in lemonade heaven.  

Wild Watermelon Lemonade - is one of the juiciest eliquids you will ever try. Imagine fresh watermelon slices, cut up and blended in with Lemon Twist's perfectly blended lemonade base in cold glass on a summer day, that's what this delicious bottle of vape juice will make you think of with every juicy cloud you blow. 

Strawberry Mason Lemonade is a perfectly blended, sweet and lightly tart ejuice that will keep you coming back for more. Fresh strawberries blended with the perfect lemonade base create a juicy eliquid that may just become your next favorite.

Pink Punch Lemonade is a perfect vape juice rendition of your favorite pink lemonade. Sweet and with a light tart, this blend of fruit punch with perfectly blended homemade lemonade makes one of the juiciest eliquid flavors around!