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Le' Banger Lemon Fraise Eliquid

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Flavor Description

Lemon Fraise Ejuice by Le’ Banger lets you unwrap a party full of clouds, featuring hard candies of zesty lemon and sun-kissed strawberries! You won’t be able to resist the jammin’ beat of mouthwatering sweet and sour goodness!

Bottle Size: 120mL | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Sweets

Full Flavor Description

Double trouble, boil and bubble, and get outta the way for the true masters of the flavor parade - sweet and gentle strawberries and bold and brazen lemons! These delicious flavors are packed into a sweet hard candy, wrapped in shiny paper and begging to dance throughout your clouds! Unwrap these juicy little treats and pop a cap of “mmm fresh” in vape tank! Snazzy Meyer lemons dance a happy jig as they rain down on your vape taste buds with tart and sour flavor, making your eyes water and your clouds dancing! Pucker up for a blast of sugary sour flavor with every lemony burst! But with every great sour, there is a great sweet, which we happily introduce our prized strawberry zinger into the mix! Hundreds of ripe red berries were gathered from a wild strawberry field, ensuring that each berry packed a powerful punch of refreshing sweetness. These fresh treats were boiled down into sweet syrup, and cooled into little spheres of hard candy! These gobs of strawberry goodness calm down the sourness of the zesty lemons, and keep your vape taste buds guessing as to which juicy flavor comes next! Join the party and keep your clouds full of sweet and sour deliciousness, thanks to Lemon Fraise by Le’ Banger!