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Kohiba Bourbon Tobacco Eliquid

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Flavor Description

Bourbon Tobacco Ejuice by Kohiba Eliquid tackles a bold and daring flavor of full-bodied tobacco, infused with the flavor of a thousand bourbon shots for an impressive hit of rich tobacco and bourbon in every puff!

Bottle Size: 120mL | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Tobacco

Full Flavor Description

Tobacco flavors are not for the faint of heart, and are often only sought out by the bold and the adventurous vapers, seeking something out of the ordinary to infuse into their clouds. Kohiba has accepted this challenge, and delivers a bold and full-bodied flavor in each of their rich and hearty flavors. But not just any old plain tobacco flavor would do for this eliquid. Thick and hearty tobacco leaves are tamped down, ensuring blast of rich flavor in every cloud. But as a slight twist, the liquid of a thousand bourbon shots is poured onto the leaves, leaving a rich and flavorful aged bourbon scent in your clouds as you puff on a full-bodied tobacco flavor. These bourbon shots are aged in a thick wooden barrel, absorbing the richness of the woodness and steeping to a dark and rugged flavor. Sweet and aged bourbon flavor enhances the tobacco leaves, leaving you with a rush of liquor mingled within the tobacco goodness. Take on Kohiba’s challenge of full-bodied tobacco and bourbon goodness in every cloud, and tackle your adventures clouds to the ground! Enjoy a rush of liquor enhanced tobacco, thanks to Bourbon Tobacco by Kohiba!