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Kilo White Series 4 Pack Ejuice Bundle

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Kilo White Series

Kilo White Series 4 Pack Bundle lets you indulge your sweet tooth cravings with a soft and luscious pull apart cinnamon roll, sweet and creamy ice cream sandwiches, chewy marshmallow cereal treats, and decadent white-chocolate covered strawberries!

Bottle Size: 400ml (4x100ml) | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Dessert

Full Flavor Description

First, we have Cinnamon Roll. Fluffy cinnamon dough is molded into a roll and baked to a golden brown in the heat of a fiery wood-burning oven. Once these delicate dreams are baked through, they’re whisked out of the oven and allowed to cool for a few moments before the next step begins: the icing! Gobs of sweet cream cheese frosting are slathered onto the warm treats, allowing the buttery icing to melt and seep into the soft fold and hills of the cinnamon roll. Now that the treats are iced, a touch of nutmeg and dark brown sugar are sprinkled on for a rush of spicy nutmeg, warm cinnamon bun, and melted cream cheese icing in every bite!

Second, we have Ice Cream Sandwich. A freshly churned batch of ice cream is triple churned to ensure a delicious rush of creamy sweetness. Rich farm fresh cream, imported Tahitian vanilla, and pure cane sugar come together as one inside an old-fashioned wooden ice cream churner. This creamy goodness gets churned for hours, folding in all of the ingredients to produce a thick and rich vanilla ice cream, sweet and pure and delicious. The ice cream gets cut into thick rectangular slabs and sandwiched between two soft and delicate chocolate wafer cookies. These thick and chocolatey cookies offer a dreamy addition to dessert, allowing you to stuff your face without making a gooey sticky mess!

Third, we have Marshmallow Crisp. An entire bag of spongy marshmallows gets dumped into a buttered stovetop pot, where they gently melt into a delicious gooey mess! Next, heaping cupfuls of crunchy rice cereal are dumped into the liquid marshmallow and stirred until the two ingredients have joined together in harmony. This sticky crunchy treat is spread out into a buttered glass pan and set to cool, while your taste buds wait hungrily. Finally, this delectable treat is cut into thick squares of marshmallow cereal treat bliss, and your vape taste buds dive headfirst into the delicious sweetness! Enjoy a snapping, crackling, popping treat that has been a classic favorite from your childhood all the way until adulthood.

And lastly, we have White Chocolate Strawberry. Feast on fat ripe strawberries, ruby-red and gleaming in the morning sun. These sweet berries were gleaned from a nearby wild forest, succulent and juicy with every bite. Each berry gets washed in cold water and has its stem and leaves sliced from the top. As soon as they are deemed clean and ready, a huge vat of molten white chocolate is poured atop these berries for a rich and creamy taste, not once, not twice, but three times! Each berry is enrobed with melted and smooth white chocolate, kept simmering on low heat for hours to ensure a liquid chocolate flavor! These berries are often only brought out during Valentine’s Day and other festive occasions, but now you can treat yourself with lovely flavor whenever your sweet tooth cravings start to kick in!