Kilo Sour Series Mango Tango Sours

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Kilo Sour Series

Mango Tango eJuice by Kilo Sour Series lets you enjoy a sweet and sour flavor as juicy tropical mangos get coated in a sour syrup glaze and rolled in rich cane sugar, just for your vaping enjoyment!

Bottle Size: 100mL | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Sweets 

Full Flavor Description  

Enjoy a rich and rolling flavor of tropical flavor that thunders down upon your vape taste buds with a refreshingly sweet and sour cloud of mango flavor! Instead of traveling to a deserted island for delicious mango flavor, let the mangos come to you with this delicious bottle of sweet and sour mango flavor, and let this e-liquid dance a tango of happiness upon your taste buds!

Warm and juicy tropical mangos are plucked from their branches, bursting with soft and sweet island flavor. The mangos are relieved of their smooth colorful skins, letting that bright juicy orange fruit shine and gleam in the mid-morning sun. These sweet skin-less mangos are sliced and smooshed into a liquified mango compote, bursting with fresh and juicy island goodness. That rich mango flavor is lovingly blended with sour sugar to ensure a blast of sweet and sour goodness is prevalent in every mouthwatering puff!