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Kilo Moo Series Neapolitan Ejuice

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Kilo Moo Series

Neapolitan eJuice by Kilo Moo Series treats you to a heaping bowl of freshly scooped ice cream, triple churned for an extra creamy finish! Scoop of heaping spoonfuls of exotic vanilla, rich chocolate, and sun-kissed strawberry in every cloud! Three ice cream flavors in a single puff will have your taste buds dancing with delight!

Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Dessert

Full Flavor Description

Get ready to make your vape taste buds scream for more of this delicious flavor, featuring a heavenly trio of cold and sweet ice cream favorites! First up, we have rich and creamy vanilla bean ice cream, crafted with gallons of sweet cream, pure cane sugar, and imported Tahitian vanilla bean scraped right off the stalk! Next up, we have dreamy dark chocolate. This brooding flavor delivers a bold and daring flavor of molten dark chocolate, slowly melted in the heat of the morning sun and slowly dribbled into an ice cream base that turns into the rich and creamy chocolate flavor you have before you! And finally, a sweet and happy flavor of strawberry completes this fun flavor.

Heaps of sun-kissed strawberry slices are folded into a warm and sweet ice cream base, adding a delicate pink hue to a cold and creamy delicacy. Kilo Moo Series strives to bring the farm fresh cream right from the cow to your tank! Snag a 60 ml bottle of this deliciously creamy flavor, and keep your screamin’ vape taste buds at bay with a heaping bowl of sweet and creamy Neapolitan ice cream, thanks to Neapolitan by Kilo Moo Series!