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Kilo Black Series 4 Pack Bundle

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Kilo Black Series

Kilo Black Series 4 Pack Bundle features a warm and flaky apple pie, moist and spongy birthday cake complete with crunchy sprinkles that is pulled freshly baked from the oven, cold and creamy ice cream with roasted pecans, and warm chocolate chip cookies dunked in a glass of milk!

Bottle Size: 400ml (4x100ml) | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Dessert

Full Flavor Description

First up, we have Apple Pie. A warm and flaky pie crust sends out sweet and delicate tendrils of vapor that tickles your nose and makes your mouth water! Freshly sliced October apples are soaked in a butter and cinnamon bath, ensuring that every crisp slice is coated with warm and spicy flavor! These soft apples are folded into a doughy pie crust, and the entire dessert gets baked to a golden brown. The pie is gently removed from the oven and set on the windowsill to cool, where it can tempt passerby and weary travelers with a fresh slice of warm and cinnamon-sweet apple pie!

Next, we have Birthday Cake. Open the oven and reveal a piping hot and freshly baked vanilla cake, stuffed with rainbow confetti sprinkles throughout to create a colorful surprise as you carve out a thick slice. Thick and creamy vanilla buttercream gets slathered all over this dreamy dessert, sending out mouthwatering scents of rich and exotic Tahitian vanilla bean goodness. As a final finishing touch, heaping handfuls of confetti sprinkles are flung all over the iced cake, coating the sides and the top with crunchy rainbow goodness.

Third, we have Honey Creme. An old fashioned ice cream maker has been slow churning a load of sweet cream, fresh Madagascar vanilla, and pure cane sugar three times to present a triple churned treat that will knock your socks off! As this smooth and creamy ice cream gets scooped into heaping spheres to a large bowl, you notice that the ice cream is so delicate it already starts to melt. A thick rope of sweet golden blossom honey gets drizzled over the top of the decadent dessert, and a heaping handful of roasted pecans are flung atop this melting masterpiece.

And lastly, we have Milk & Cookies. A freshly whipped batch of chocolate chip cookies get spooned onto a cookie rack and baked until they turn a golden brown and the chocolate chips have melted completely. These sweet morsels are gingerly placed onto a cooling rack, where their sweet scents permeate the entire bakery and drive the little baking elves wild with sweet tooth lust! Pour yourself a tall and cold glass of milk, just wide enough to allow the entire cookie to be dipped into the frothy goodness.