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Juice Roll-Upz Tropical P.O.G. Ejuice

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Flavor Description

P.O.G. Ejuice by Juice Roll-Upz Tropical lets you feast on an exotic and tropical mashup of lush passion fruit, zesty citrus, and juicy guava. Take your vape taste buds on a warm and breezy vacation, where your clouds can soar to the top of the palm trees and beyond!

Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Fruit

Full Flavor Description

Feast on a trio of sweet and juicy fruits, ready to wreak delicious havoc upon your vape taste buds! First up, we have plump ripe passion fruits. Soft purple flesh encases a chewy center, bursting with fresh notes of sweetness and ready to delight your clouds with every puff. Next, we have warm and heavenly scented orange citrus! The entire orange was used in this creation, from the zesty aromatic peel to the juicy slices that burst with fresh Floridian goodness. Finally, we have exotic Colombian guava, sliced in half to reveal its soft pink center and dusted with sweet sugar to deliver a subtle yet bold flavor that rivals all other tropical fruits.

Jumble these three delicious fruits together in a juicer, and you just may have discovered what heaven tastes like! Rich and flavorful with every puff, P.O.G. delivers a rush of sweet juicy fruits that your vape taste buds will go crazy for. Treat your vape taste buds to the sweet goodness of the tropics, and enjoy sweet guava, ripe passion fruit, and zesty oranges in every puff, thanks to P.O.G. by Juice Roll-Upz Tropical!