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Juice Roll-Upz Tropical Hi-Punch Ejuice

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Flavor Description

Hi-Punch Ejuice by Juice Roll-Upz Tropical lets you surf on a wave-cloud of flavor, featuring crisp apple, soft apricot, sugared guava, ripe papaya, exotic passion fruit, and tangy pineapple! Your vape taste buds will go overboard with this mad mashup of sweet and juicy fruits! Featuring a cornucopia of all your favorite fruits, your taste buds will get a powerful punch of sweet and fruity wrapped up in one!

Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Fruit

Full Flavor Description

Keep your vape taste buds constantly guessing which flavor you’re puffing on with this delightful ejuice: crisp apple, soft apricot, sugared guava, ripe papaya, exotic passion fruit, and tangy pineapple all come together in one fruity cloud! Let the sweet and juicy flavors wash over your vape tastes bud in a bright red wave of flavor, as your clouds playfully swoop and swoon like the mighty ocean. Indead, you certainly will have an sweet red ocean of fruity clouds, thanks to this cornucopia of flavor! A whopping six flavors compose this might eliquid, and each of them compliment the other in a crisp and juicy red blast of flavor!

Gentle fruits such as meek apricot, soft papaya, and mild passion fruit offer a subtle kiss of flavor, while bolder flavors like the crisp apple, juicy guava, and tangy pineapple smother you in juicy fruit overload! Taste the wonders of the high seas in every rolling red wave of flavor, and let the refreshing blast of flavor overturn your surfboard as you surf through fruits in a mad dash for delicious clouds. Enjoy crisp apples, juicy guavas, tangy pineapples, sweet apricots, sugared papaya, and lush passion fruit in every cloud, thanks to Hi-Punch by Juice Roll-Upz Tropical!