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Instincts Eliquid Rattle

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Flavor Description

Rattle Ejuice by Instincts lets you feast on sweet freshly baked strawberry pastry, generously stuffed with sugared strawberries. Sweet vanilla glaze and soft powdered sugar complete this decadent dessert, allowing you to channel your inner rattlesnake with this fresh and yummy dessert eliquid!

Bottle Size: 120mL | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Dessert

Full Flavor Description

Unleash your inner cloud serpent, and slither into creamy dessert so rich and sweet, it’ll make your vape taste buds go wild! Instincts presents an irresistible puff pastry, crafted especially to bring out your fierce and wild dessert cravings. Soft and flaky puff pastry serves as the tender bed that enrobes a field of juicy strawberries, freshly gathered from a nearby forest. These succulent berries gleam an exotic ruby-like red in the morning sun, dewy and sweet. After this delicate dessert bakes to a rich golden brown, a thick rope of sweet vanilla icing gets poured onto the dessert in intricate patterns, thoroughly coating the freshly baked treat.

As a final finishing touch, soft and sweet powdered sugar gets sprinkled on to complete this moist and flaky sweet treat. As the freshly baked dessert is set on the kitchen windowsill to cool, the enticing scents reach your sensitive nostrils and stir your inner rattlesnake to waken. Feast on a freshly made dessert that no man or beast can willingly resist. Feast on the dessert of the wild hissing serpents, and take your clouds to the next level of dessert heaven, thanks to Rattle by Instincts!