Instincts Eliquid 3 Pack Bundle

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Flavor Description

Grizzly, Rattle, and Toucan by Instincts Eliquid lets you feast on freshly made desserts that no man or beast can willingly resist, featuring warm bread-apple pudding, vanilla frosted puff pastry, and heaping bowls of crunchy fruit looped cereal!

Bottle Size: 360ml (3x120mL) | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Dessert

Full Flavor Description

First up, we have Grizzly. Tender apples are gathered from a nearby forest, gleaming a glossy ruby-like red in the morning sun. These apples are peeled, cored, and sliced into fat chunks, and then set to soak in a warm cinnamon bath. Spicy cinnamon and melted butter sink into the apple slices for a mouthwatering cloud. But wait...there’s more! Soft cubes of freshly baked bread are added to the cinnamon and butter, soaking up whatever remains from the apples. The entire dessert is poured into a glass pan and baked to a golden crisp. As the freshly baked dessert is set on the kitchen windowsill to cool, the enticing scents reach your sensitive nostrils and stir your inner grizzly bear to waken!

Next, we have Rattle. Soft and flaky puff pastry serves as the tender bed that enrobes a field of juicy strawberries, freshly gathered from a nearby forest. These succulent berries gleam an exotic ruby-like red in the morning sun, dewy and sweet. After this delicate dessert bakes to a rich golden brown, a thick rope of sweet vanilla icing gets poured onto the dessert in intricate patterns, thoroughly coating the freshly baked treat. As a final finishing touch, soft and sweet powdered sugar gets sprinkled on to complete this moist and flaky sweet treat. As the freshly baked dessert is set on the kitchen windowsill to cool, the enticing scents reach your sensitive nostrils and stir your inner rattle snake to waken.

Lastly in this delicious trio, we have Toucan. his freshly poured bowl of cereal brings back all the nostalgia of your childhood, making it the perfect flavor when your vape taste buds start craving something sweet! A heaping bowl of fruit looped cereal gets poured out of the beak of an enchanted toucan to create a never-ending bowl of delicious goodness! A generous stream of cold farm-fresh milk gets poured into this gigantic bowl, magically keeping the cereal coated with milk but never making the cereal soggy. As the milk soaks into the cereal, the milk turns into a deliciously creamy strawberry milk, ready to refresh your parched taste buds and slake your thirst for something sweet!

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