Holy Cannoli 3 Pack Ejuice Bundle

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French Toast, Pebbled Cannoli, and Strawberry Cream Cannoli Ejuice by Holy Cannoli features a warm and cinnamon-topped slice of bread drenched in sweet maple syrup that will set your vape taste buds aflame with sweet and spicy flavor! A duo of crunchy creamy cannolis stuffed with rainbow pebbled cereal and sun-kissed strawberry cream complete this delicious dessert trio, and offer up huge puffy clouds scented with smooth and delightful dessert treats!

Bottle Size: 300ml (3x100ml) | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Dessert

Full Flavor Description

Cannolis were originally invented in Sicily, where a crunchy cannoli shell was pumped full of sweet ricotta cheese, warm Tahitian vanilla, a pinch of cinnamon, and creamy chocolate chips! The entire dessert was sprinkled with soft powdered sugar and served with steaming black coffee or cold creamy milk! But with Holy Cannoli, you get a slight twist that strives to delight your vape taste buds and infuse your clouds with sweet and freshly baked deliciousness!

First up, we have French Toast. A soft slice of French brioche bread gets dunked in an egg bath, fried to a golden brown, sprinkled with spicy cinnamon, and topped with a pat of sweet butter, freshly tapped Vermont maple syrup, and powdered sugar! The entire French toast breakfast gets stuffed inside the crunchy cannoli shell to deliver a unique treat, filled with old-fashioned Italian cannolis and freshly made French toast!

Next, we have Pebbled Cannoli. Whisk your vape taste buds back to the stone age with a freshly poured bowl of rainbow pebbled cereal and creamy milk, all rolled into a crunchy cannoli shell! A freshly poured bowl of crunchy pebbled cereal submerged in frothy milk has long ruled the roost for delicious breakfast options. But now Holy Cannoli said, “Move over, buddy!” and swallowed the entire bowl of cereal! Feast on a sweet and crunchy cannoli shell stuffed with rainbow pebbled cereal and a sweet and milky filling!

And last but certainly not least, we have Strawberry Cream Cannoli. Roll around in strawberry fields, enjoying the delicious strawberry filling stuffed inside a crunchy cannoli shell! Italy is calling to your taste buds, and they’re begging to answer the call! Mounds of freshly picked berries are gleaned from a nearby strawberry field, sliced and diced into beautiful red slices. These ruby-red slices are gently folded into the sweet cream filling of each cannoli, and present a deliciously sweet and fruity cream-filled dessert that is simply irresistible to dessert lovers everywhere!

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