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Hi-Drip Iced Honeydew Strawberry Ejuice

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Honeydew Strawberry eJuice by Hi-Drip Iced is a wintery blend of frozen honeydew melons and winter strawberries. The red and green fruits are crushed over ice to deliver the cold sweetness your taste buds crave. Embrace the winter wonderland that flows from your lips, scented with frosty melons and icy berries.

Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Menthol

Hi-Drip Iced Honeydew Strawberry Description

Take your taste buds through a winter wonderland with Honeydew Strawberry eJuice by Hi-Drip Iced! We start by frolicking through a snowy field of honeydew melons. The fat melons are completely covered in a blanket of soft snow, looking like mini snowmen in the field. We brush off the snow and hack the melons in half, revealing the pale green melon flesh. We carve out thick chunks and savor the sweet and icy flavor of these winter fruits. But we're not down in our exploration of frozen fruits!

Next, we hop over to a frozen strawberry patch, each frosty fruit twinkling in the summer sun. We gather up several baskets of these chilled berries and marvel at how cold and refreshing they are. The berries are tossed in with the honeydew melons, creating a rich and flavorful fruit treat that our taste buds adored. That same flavor is available to you, now in e-liquid form! Treat your taste buds to the frosty flavor of freshly frozen honeydew melon chunks blended with icy strawberries. This delightful fruit duo promises to delight your taste buds for days to come, made possible by Honeydew Strawberry eJuice by Hi-Drip Iced!