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Gorilla Warfare .308 Reloaded Eliquid

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Gorilla Warfare

.308 Reloaded by Gorilla Warfare is a delightful fruity eliquid which contains melon and mango flavor. This spellbinding eliquid that will give you a mouthwatering vaping experience.

Bottle Size: 120ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Dessert

Gorilla Warfare's .308 Reloaded has a subtle, fruity flavor. The combination of honeydew melon and mango flavor is quite distinct. The unique flavor profile of this ejuice makes it worth a try. However, .308 Reloaded is actually good. It tastes natural. The refreshing tropical flavor will spread over your taste buds from your very first puff. As you can imagine, the mango flavor is quite dominant, but that doesn't take anything from the melon flavor because it contributes to make this ejuice exceptional. When vaping .308 Reloaded, you can taste the ripe melon flavor on the inhale. The lightly sweet and musky honeydew melon flavor comes through on the inhale. If you have a thing for mango or melon, then you must try this Gorilla Warfare ejuice. We bet you'll quickly fall in love with it.