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FRYD Ice Cream Ejuice

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Ice Cream Ejuice by FRYD gives your vape taste buds a taste of fried deliciousness, as a golden brown cake batter encases heaping scoops of triple churned vanilla ice cream! Rich creamy ice cream enrobed in a deep fried cake batter? Welcome to fried dessert heaven!

Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Dessert

Full Flavor Description

Treat your vape taste buds to a walk down a street festival, filled with tantalizing smells and delicious foods at every corner. One particular cart catches your eye, and you wander over to see what sweet scents are coming from their deep-fryer. Your eyes light up as you spy rows of ice cream containers, brimming with slowly melting vanilla ice cream, ready to be plopped into the thick cake batter and fried to a delicious golden brown! You watch as this creamy dessert treat gets scooped into thick scoops, get coated thoroughly in a cake batter, and dipped into boiling oil!

After a few moments, like a phoenix from the ashes, you watch as beautifully golden brown cake-covered ice cream ball emerges from the boiling oil, fried to a smooth finish and set on a silver platter, just for your enjoyment! FRYD discovered how to really make your vape taste buds scream by introducing a rich and flavorful eliquid treat of triple churned ice cream dunked in a sweet cake batter, and then fried to golden perfection! Enjoy the sweetness of the street fair in the rich and sweet flavor of freshly fried ice cream, thanks to the delicious Ice Cream Ejuice by FRYD!