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Frost Factory Tropical Freeze

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Tropical Freeze by Frost Factory is an e juice perfectly crafted with sweet and crispy apples with a hint of menthol. It is a hot summer day, you get in your vehicle to get down to business, and you feel so much warmth. Moving down the windows won't help, and the hot wave is making you tired and exhausted at this point of time, you get a container of Tropical Freeze to vape on.

It is a delightful tropical products blend that is certain to leave you revived and restored. On the inhale, the impact of the super cool menthol hit your throat while the feelings of tropical organic products instigate with your taste buds. Each hit resembles getting away to heaven, with a trace of cool. This flavor will give you a sharp mentholated throat hit that is smooth. It is absolutely soft and buttery that will keep you calm.

From inhale to exhale, soothing vape experience will steal your heart like never before any e juice has done. You adventure further into the tropical icy heaven, the heap of summer organic products that are crispy and ready. Icy strawberries that seem as though they will never completely defrost are stacked by the dozens an enormous store of cold kiwis are settled close-by, throwing a jewel-like a gleam as your lamplight falls upon it.