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Frost Factory Iced Chee Ejuice

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Frosted Chee by Frost Factory is a Juicy Lychee and outlandish fruit flavor with a reviving menthol wrap up. It is a fascinating and refreshing mix of new lychee products of the soil menthol.

The sweet and tropical lychee taste will make you have a feeling that you are on a wonderful vacation while the frosty mint flavor chills you off and empowers your senses. Nothing can be more amazing than getting a major scoop of fruity flavor loaded up with ice. Frosted Chee is a commendable flavor to accomplish your fantasy of tastes. A mint flavor has bits of sugary lychee berry blended into it. It is a mouthwatering flavor that delights very well tumble from your eyes when you taste this e juice encapsulates the joyful summer days of your childhood.

The best of the two universes have now been joined into a magnificent flavor. It is a heavenly menthol and lychee mix that is certain to leave you rejuvenated. On the Inhale all your taste buds got revived. It will make a sharp sensation in the back of your throat that is completely mind-blowing. On the exhale, the fruity lychee notes become an integral factor and leave a solid menthol flavor.