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Frost Factory 3 Pack Ejuice Bundle

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Frost Factory 3 Pack features the distinctive flavor of fresh lychees, crisp apples and tropical fruits, all covered with snow and solid frozen to freeze your taste buds with any icy cloud! Feast on a three-pack of icy menthol eliquids, in every cloud with a rush of frozen fruit!

The Frost Factory 3 Pack features one bottle of each of the Frost Factory flavors.

We've got Crisp Apple first. Crisp Apple by Frost Factory shows you can't keep the icy tundra out of the apple while you can bring the apple out of the icy tundra! In the winter sun, cold and icy green apples shine, ready to be picked and transformed into a delicious cloud of icy green taffy apples! At the peak of winter, these apples were approximately picked from the snow-covered orchard trees, ensuring a mean and icy green apple flavor with cruel ferocity would attack your vapor taste buds.

We got Iced Chee next. Festival on a frozen strip of taffy, coated with newly fallen snow and infused with flash-frozen lychees ' cool and juicy flavor! Air Factory's determined vapor chemists traveled all the way to the Taklamakan Desert to discover these flavorful Asian fruits. But they were caught in a storm of snow!

And finally, we have Tropical Freeze. Icy strawberries that look like they're never going to thaw completely are stacked by the twelve; a big heap of snowy kiwis is nestled nearby, casting a diamond-like glow as your light drops on it. Instead of seeing these sweet yet icy fruits go to waste, you manage to whip up a smooth and chewy taffy mix from the cave's materials, and quickly a bubbling pot of stretchy taffy awaits adding the new fruits.

You pour in the cold fruits and wait for them to thaw, but the fruits have been frozen for so long that it transforms the whole bubbling taffy pot into a strong sheet of ice instead of melting into smooth fruits again! Feast on a frozen mixture of icy strawberries and chilly kiwis mixed with a frosty sheet of freshly made taffy candy and experience the true taste of an arctic tropical freeze in every cloud!