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Food Fighter The Angry Munchkins Ejuice

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Flavor Description

The Angry Munchkins Ejuice by Food Fighter invites you to stuff your face with freshly glazed donut holes injected with decadent creme brulee and served with a side of freshly picked wild berries. Bon appetit never looked so good!

Bottle Size: 120mL | Ratio: 80/20 | Flavor Type: Dessert

Full Flavor Description

Often thought of as the sidekick to the morning coffee hero, munchkins are quickly forgotten in light of a freshly glazed donut, glistening and hot as it rolls out of the oven. Well, this time, the Munchkins have had enough! No more will they be reached over and passed on in favor of a more traditional breakfast pairing to the morning coffee. These angry munchkins have whipped up a special formula that is certain to tease your vape taste buds and enchant your clouds into forgetting just what the hell made donuts so special in the first place! A freshly whipped batch of creme brulee is brutally injected into each munchkin to deliver a savory and sweet blast of flavor to your clouds!

As a delicate adornment to these irresistible desserts, a plate of freshly picked wild berries is set as a palate refresher. Sweet raspberries, sun-kissed strawberries, brooding blackberries, and plump blueberries gently kiss your clouds in a touching embrace, offering a rush of flavor that perfectly compliments the sweetness of the berries. Wage war on your taste buds, and challenge your clouds to step up their game in the battle for delicious flavors, all thanks to the delicious flavor of The Angry Munchkins Ejuice by Food Fighter!