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FIXX-E Liquid Suh Dew eJuice

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Suh Dew eJuice by FIXX-E Liquid features a blend of honeydew melon and tapioca pearl flavors to create an authentic tasting bubble tea. Inspired by Asian cuisine, this rich and flavorful vape juice promises to be unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before, except the real thing! Grab your 120mL bottle today and select from 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, or 12mg nicotine, available today at Ultimate Vape Deals.

Brand: FIXX-E Liquid | Bottle Size: 120mL | Ratio: 75/25 | Flavor Type: Dessert

Suh Dew eJuice Description

Are you tired of browsing endless classics like strawberry milk and apple pie vape juices? If so, we’ve got a special treat for you that your taste buds will fall in love with over and over again. We proudly present Suh Dew eJuice by FIXX-E Liquid, a delightful e-liquid rendition of the famous bubble tea. We begin this e-liquid masterpiece by heading to a nearby honeydew melon farm. The smooth melons are ripe and sweet, ready to wash over your taste buds in thick sweet waves.
The melons are cut into thick chunks and are crushed into a thin and sweet melon juice. That melon juice is poured into a tall glass of cold milk, infusing the fruity goodness into the creamy beverage. Next, we add in several tapioca pearls that add a creamy consistency to the fruity milk. The entire beverage is poured into a 120mL bottle and sealed with a kiss, ready to delight your taste buds with every puff! If you’re searching for unique fruit and cream flavor to satisfy your taste buds cravings, look no further than the Suh Dew eJuice by FIXX-E Liquid, available today at Ultimate Vape Deals today!