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Fixx-E Liquid Lemon Cheesecrank Ejuice

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Flavor Description

Lemon Cheesecrank Ejuice by Fixx-E Liquid features a rich and creamy cheesecake, layered with a buttery graham cracker crust and drizzled with a tangy lemon glaze. One puff of this dessert flavor will satisfy your dessert cravings any time of day!

Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 75/25 | Flavor Type: Dessert

Full Flavor Description

Crank up your flavor taste buds, because this eliquid certainly is a doozy! Feast on creamy smooth cheesecake churned from the finest cream cheese Philadelphia had to offer. Farm fresh eggs, softened butter, and pure cane sugar are poured in as well to form the base of this rich and decadent dessert. This creamy delight gets poured atop a crumbly bed of buttery graham crackers, ensuring a solid crunch to every creamy bite of cheesecake you sink your teeth into. For a finishing touch, grated lemon zest mixed in with a Meyer lemon compote gets poured atop the entire dessert, ensuring a sweet yet tangy lemon cheesecake dream.

Get your sweet tooth fix with this citrus and creamy flavor, well-balanced to delight vapers of all flavor profiles. Cheesecake is a deep-rooted dessert favorite for many, and this eliquid brings back memories of freshly made desserts paired with a cold glass of milk. Fixx-E Liquid steps up to the plate and swings for the fences with their dessert concoction, offering full-bodied flavor to all the dessert lovers in the vape world. But don’t take my word for it. Experience full-blown cheesecake bliss as you indulge your sweet and creamy cravings, thanks to Lemon Cheesecrank by Fixx-E Liquid!