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Emergency Vape Stash 2 Blue Razz Slushie On Ice Ejuice

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Blue Razz Slushie On Ice by EVS 2 is a sweet and sour blue raspberry slushie eliquid with a touch of menthol flavor. This is an invigorating summertime vape liquid with a smooth, enjoyable flavor.

Bottle Size: 120ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Sweets

Blue Razz Slushie On Ice by EVS 2 was created for every vaper who love slushies. This is an original slushie vape juice. It tastes like it has just been taken out of the freezer. You can taste the blue raspberry as well as the menthol flavor with every puff. This is the kind of eliquid to enjoy when you want to sit back and relax during the hot summer months. This eliquid will put you in the right mood to enjoy the hot weather. When vaping Blue Razz Slushie On Ice, you can taste the sweet and tart blue raspberry flavor on the inhale. The lip puckering sourness and sugary sweet taste balance each other out beautifully. On the exhale, the cooling menthol comes through and adds a refreshing twist to the blend. This eliquid will captivate your palate. If you love blue raspberry slushie, then you must try this ejuice. Blue Razz Slushie On Ice is certainly an all-day vape.