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Dream Drip Frost Berries Cereal Eliquid

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Frost Berries Cereal Ejuice by Dream Drip lets you dive headfirst into a sweet and crunchy breakfast, complete with frosted cornflakes, dried berries, and cold milk! Fill up your bowl, and grab your spoon; they’re grrrrreat!

Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Dessert

Full Flavor Description

Remember back in the day where you sat in front of the TV on Saturday morning, waiting for your favorite cartoons to come on? No doubt you had a box of cereal nearby, along with a jug of milk, and a nice big bowl just waiting to be filled. This flavor brings back all of those nostalgic memories with a sweet rush of flavor, featuring sweetened and frosted cornflakes in every cloud! Each delicious bowl-full is brimming with sugary flaked flavor, paired with dried strawberries and a generous pouring of cold creamy milk! You can almost hear the crunch of the flakes between your teeth, and feel the cold rush of milk invade your taste buds.

The dried strawberry flakes provide a welcome blast of sweet fruit flavor, reminding you that summer always comes again. Instead of yearning for the days of yesteryear, enjoy the flavor of today, complete with frosted cornflakes brimming atop a bed of cold milk and topped with a handful of dried berries! Fill your tank with sweet Saturday morning nostalgia and feast on frosted cornflakes, creamy milk, and dried strawberries, all made possible by Frost Berries Cereal by Dream Drip!