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Dream Drip Vanilla Sugar Cookie Eliquid

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Vanilla Sugar Cookie Ejuice by Dream Drip lets you get your dunk on with this crunchy vanilla creme sandwich cookie! Two sugar cookies layered with buttery vanilla creme filling makes this an irresistible dessert flavor!

Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Dessert

Full Flavor Description

Roll up your sleeves, wipe that drool off your lips, and feast your eyes on the dreamy dessert freshly crafted to delight your vape taste buds: introducing a vanilla sandwich cookie, crafted from thick and crunchy vanilla sugar cookies and stuffed with sweet vanilla creme. Vanilla Sugar Cookie drips with sweetness and delicious flavor, enchanting your vape taste buds with each and every delicious cloud. Each sugar cookie was tenderly baked with pounds of sweet butter, pure cane sugar, freshly gathered eggs, and a dash of sweet vanilla extract!

The cookies are baked at the perfect temperature to ensure a full-bodied flavor, rich and rolling in sugar cookie goodness! But it’s not only about delivering a thick and crunchy cookies sweetness in every’s the flavor within the two cookies! This delicious vanilla creme was crafted from exotic strands of sweet Tahitian vanilla, stirred into a thick buttercream blend, and smeared generously atop two sugar cookies. We’re certain there’s a cold glass of milk lying around here somewhere, but until we find it, enjoy our delicious vanilla sandwich creme flavored eliquid, thanks to Vanilla Sugar Cookie by Dream Drip!