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Flavor Description

P.O.M. eJuice by Nude and Hawaiian Pog eJuice by Naked 100 will have you vaping in your birthday suit with this delicious lineup of bare basic fruits! Puff on sweet and lush fruits from the tropics, featuring juicy pineapple, tangy orange, sweet mango, and exotic guava! Take your vape taste buds on a tropical adventure through the clouds and enjoy the rich and ripe fruits that surround you as you sprawl out on a beach and soak up the sun!

Bottle Size: 180ml (120mL+60mL) | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Fruit

Full Flavor Description

First up, we have P.O.M. by NUDE. Nude is famous for delivering wildly delicious and ferociously fruit e-liquid, and P.O.M. is no exception! P stands for pineapple, lush and juicy and hewn into fresh chunks that burst with tart and tangy Caribbean flavor! Next, we have the letter "O." Sweet and juicy oranges, imported straight from the beaches of Florida. This sweet citrus sphere is squeezed and drained of all the sweet orange juice to ensure a blast of fresh fruit flavor is prevalent in every puff. And lastly, we have M for Mango. These sunburnt mangos are red and yellow on the outside, but sliced open, a deep orange and refreshingly juicy flavor pours forth, making your hands and lips sticky with fresh and flavorful island flavor. These sweet fruits make up a mouthwatering fruit favorite that will transport your vape taste buds to a tropical island where fruits abound and clouds are plentiful!

And last but certainly not least, we have Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100. Hawaiian POG comes as an amusing acronym for an absolutely delicious flavor! First, we start with P, for passion fruit. Luxurious and rich flavors of sweet passion fruit dance around your clouds in rustling grass skirts and handcrafted leis. The tart and sweet flavor of the freshly sliced fruit is almost more than your vape taste buds can bear! But don’t stop now, because the O in Pog stands for oranges! Explosive orange flavor lights up the Hawaiian night sky in a beautiful display of citrus flavor, washing over your vape taste buds with a crashing tsunami of flavor! And lastly, we come to the G in Pog, which stands for guava. Deep smooth flavor of sugared guava presents a thick and refreshing flavor of island goodness, far-reaching as the ocean and sweet smelling as the night sky.

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