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Puff Labs White & Yellows Ejuice (Formerly Circus Cookie)

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Circus Cooler Ejuice by Circus Cookie (now White & Yellows Ejuice by Puff Labs) lets you sip on a sweet and bubbly cola that presents the perfect beverage of choice for all of your carnival activities. With a flavor that hisses and tickles your nose with every puff, you won’t be able to put this delightful circus cooler down!

Brand: Circus Cookie | Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 80/20 | Flavor Type: Dessert

White & Yellows Ejuice Flavor Description

Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by bright lights, a high top circus tents, and the sound of laughter all around. Kids scamper through the crowds, trying to catch that mischievous monkey. Teenage sweethearts try to win a prize for their significant other, and adults laugh at the merriment all around. What better way to enjoy the circus with a deliciously bubbly cloud of sweet soda pop vape juice? Indulge in the sweetness of a cold beverage in every cloud, deliciously complimenting your adventures with bubbly goodness. You can almost hear the fizzing of the soda bubbles in every hit! Lose yourself in dreamy haze clouds of fizzy soda pop as you wander about the circus in search of all your favorite acts!

Puff Labs specializes in crafting carnival favorites into delicious eliquid form! Delight your vape taste buds with a trip to the circus and puff on sugary soda, packed with a cloud of fizzy bubbles to complete your carnival happiness. But don’t take our word for it. Pick up a bottle of sweet and fizzy fun and take your vape taste buds to a cloud of circus delight, compliments of White & Yellows Ejuice by Puff Labs!