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Chilled Milk Vanilla eJuice

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Vanilla eJuice by Chilled Milk is a chilled glass of milk blended with fresh vanilla flavors. Cool menthol swirled with creamy milk and smooth vanilla make this e-liquid an all-day favorite, perfect to refresh your parched taste buds. Grab your 100mL bottle of this tasty juice from Ultimate Vape Deals, available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, or 12mg nicotine strengths. 

Brand: Chilled Milk | Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Dessert

Chilled Milk Vanilla eJuice Description

Treat your taste buds to the smooth and silky flavor of a tall glass of chilled vanilla and cream, thanks to Vanilla eJuice by Chilled Milk! We begin by heading over to our local dairy farm. The kind farmers taught us how to squeeze fresh milk from the gentle brown cows, and in no time at all, we had filled a canister with the warm and sweet cream. We headed back to our vape kitchen and set the milk canister on the counter. 

We grabbed a tall glass from the cupboard and dumped fresh ice right in. We poured the creamy milk into the glass and watched as condensation quickly built up on the glass. We selected a few choice vanilla pods from the pantry and carefully scraped off the vanilla beans from each pod. The vanilla beans are carefully stirred into the milk to create a culinary masterpiece that instantly refreshes your taste buds. We top the beverage off with homemade whipped cream and insert a striped bendy straw as a garnish. Enjoy this rich and refreshing flavor throughout your day and revel in the sweet and chilled vanilla cream clouds, compliments of Vanilla eJuice by Chilled Milk!