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Chilled Milk Caramel Coffee eJuice

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Caramel Coffee eJuice by Chilled Milk is a bold and flavorful coffee e-liquid that uses sweet caramel flavor to create a balanced breakfast cloud. Start your day off right and skip the coffee shop line altogether, thanks to this menthol and caramel coffee blend. This all-day favorite can be enjoyed in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, or 12mg nicotine and comes in chubby 100mL bottles. 

Brand: Chilled Milk | Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Dessert

Chilled Milk Caramel Coffee eJuice Description

If you’re running late to work but desperately crave a sweet caramel coffee to start your morning, puff on Caramel Coffee eJuice by Chilled Milk! This tantalizing breakfast flavor features a delicious blend of savory coffee and sweet caramel. We begin by loading up our coffee machine with several cups of imported coffee beans. The coffee brews into a dark roast that delivers the rich flavor you desperately crave. We pour the freshly brewed coffee into a tall glass and grab a jug of milk from the fridge.
We add a splash of cold creamy milk to the coffee and watch transfixed as the dark liquid transforms into a luxurious brown hue. We grab a couple of caramel squares and toss them into a large saucepan. The caramels are melted into a sweet and sticky syrup, ready to add the perfect amount of sweetness to the rich coffee. The melted caramels are lovingly poured into the cafe au lait, infusing a sultry sweetness to the savory coffee. Finally, we add a few ice cubes to instill an icy flavor to the brew, and our barista masterpiece is complete! Grab a 100mL bottle of this magnificent vape juice and enjoy a rich cloud of iced caramel coffee flavor with every puff, compliments of Caramel Coffee eJuice by Chilled Milk!