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Cheap Ejuice Sour Apple

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Sour Apple Ejuice by Cheap Ejuice lets you enjoy a rich and rolling sweetness of crisp Granny Smith apples doused in sour sugar to present a truly delicious sweet and sour vaping experience in every cloud!

Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Sweets

Full Flavor Description​

Tackle the best of both worlds, enjoying the sweetness of freshly crushed cane sugar, and the sour of a freshly picked granny smith apple. Crisp and sweet granny smith apples are carefully plucked from each tree branch and inspected for bruises and blemishes. Each apple is then ruthless stripped of its skin and carved in gleaming juicy slices, where they get whisked away to a candy factory to begin the candy making process. Each slice gets chopped and smooshed and smoothed into a ripe and sweet granny smith apple compote, which gets lovingly doused with sour sugar to ensure a blast of sweet and sour goodness is prevalent in every mouthwatering puff!

And while the flavor is rich, the price is not! Cheap Ejuice made it their mission to cram sweet and delicious eliquid into a fat 60 ml bottle for an incredibly low price, all to make your finest cloud chasing dreams a reality. Sour Apple Ejuice brings the delicious sweet flavor of a saucy green apple, right to your vape tank! Enjoy a premium eliquid without breaking the bank, compliments of Sour Apple Ejuice by Cheap Ejuice!