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Charlies Chalk Dust White Black Ice Eliquid

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Flavor Description​

Black Ice Ejuice by Charlie's Chalk Dust White lures you in to puff on dark and brooding blackberries, frozen solid in the wintery air, alongside with icy cucumbers that balance out the rich and hearty flavor of the blackest berries.

Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Menthol

Full Flavor Description​

Black ice refers to a fearful patch of roadway that has frozen over the black pavement in such a way that is impossible to see the slippery slope ahead until it’s too late to avoid it. Such a phrase is the appropriate title for one of Charlie’s Chalk Dust prized eliquids, bursting with frozen blackberry chills and cool cucumber threats. Tread cautiously through the mist, as you puff on this frozen flavor, keeping a weather eye out for the deep misfortune that inferior menthol flavors have fallen into. Immerse your taste buds with a freezing blast of sweet blackberries, backed by a refreshing hint of icy cucumber.

The expert vape chemists at Charlie’s Chalk Dust love to break with tradition, offering amusing names that ordinarily raise eyebrows and may seem contradictory, but just as Iceland was named to trick travelers into leaving them alone, Charlie’s Chalk Dust was created to entice only the boldest of vapers into enjoying a juicy and flavorful vape experience. Enjoy a refreshing menthol fruit eliquid, crafted with chilled blackberries and frosty cucumber slices, compliments of Big Berry by Charlie's Chalk Dust Black!