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Charlies Chalk Dust Black King Bellman Eliquid

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Flavor Description

King Bellman Ejuice by Charlie's Chalk Dust Black has been one of the most sought-after tobacco flavored ejuice in the entire vaping industry. This rich mashup of smooth tobacco with subtle vanilla brings a boldness to your tank that may very well awaken your inner cowboy!

Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Tobacco

Full Flavor Description

Kneel before the sovereign king of tobacco flavors, as these regal clouds wash over your vape kingdom with rich and bold flavor! But just like a true king, this tobacco monarch is accompanied by his faithful subjects: humble Tahitian vanilla and meek brown sugar. While these two flavors certainly serve as quiet servants, their duty to serve their king is magnified by the rich and smooth undertones to balance out the strength of the tobacco in every puff. Puff on royalty like the king of the vape hill you are, scattering your clouds like rain throughout the land, and planting your tobacco crown firmly upon your brow.

The expert vape chemists at Charlie’s Chalk Dust love to break with tradition, offering amusing names that ordinarily raise eyebrows and may seem contradictory, but just as Iceland was named to trick travelers into leaving them alone, Charlie’s Chalk Dust was created to entice only the boldest of vapers into enjoying a juicy and flavorful vape experience. Rule your clouds on with this ripe and sweet scepter of smooth tobacco, sweet vanilla, and dark brown sugar, compliments of King Bellman by Charlie's Chalk Dust Black!