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Cassadaga Liquids Cannoli Be Mine Ejuice

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Cannoli Be Mine eJuice by Cassadaga Liquids features a crispy fried cannoli shell, stuffed with sweet vanilla cream. This tasty treat is topped with fresh strawberries and drizzled with strawberry glaze. Enjoy a delicious strawberry pastry that will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings for days!  

Brand: Cassadaga Liquids | Bottle Size: 60mL | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Desserts

Cassadaga Liquids Cannoli Be Mine eJuice

It's an Italian treat that's perfect for Valentine's Day sweethearts. There's so much affection in this sweet e-liquid that you're bound to fall in love with it at the very first puff. This culinary masterpiece starts off with a perfectly folded pastry shell. The shell is gently lowered into a vat of boiling oil, where it's fried to a perfectly golden brown. The shell is set to cool while we whip up a batch of homemade cannoli filling. Farm fresh cream, sweet vanilla, and pure cane sugar are lovingly folded together to create a warm and fluffy cream filling. This soft and fluffy cannoli cream is carefully piped into the cannoli shell, until it starts to ooze out of both ends.

A few slices of fresh strawberries are tenderly placed all over the sweet treat, adding a bright pop of color. As a finishing touch, a sweet strawberry glaze is drizzled atop the cannolis, infusing a kick of wild berry sweetness to the Italian dessert. Enjoy a lovely creation crafted by the finest bakers in all of Italy, featuring warm vanilla, crisp cannoli pastry, and ripe strawberry goodness. Your taste buds will love you forever, the moment you fill Cannoli Be Mine eJuice by Cassadaga Liquids into your tank!