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Candy King Tropic Bubblegum Ejuice

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Tropic Bubblegum eJuice by Candy King offers a delicious escape into the paradise your taste buds only dream about! Dive into a world of clouds scented with fruits and sweets. Enjoy a refreshing blend of juicy fruits swirled into a chewy square of bubblegum, brought to you by the king of candy e-liquids! 

Brand: Candy King | Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Sweets

Candy King Tropic Bubblegum Ejuice Description

Treat your taste buds to the vacation they deserve and bask in the warm and soothing clouds of an island getaway. We start off this magical cloud getaway with the soothing taste of golden ripe bananas. Smooth and golden fruits dangle in bunches just within your reach! Next, we have an island favorite: mango. Savor the rich and flavorful taste of juicy mangos, ripened to an exquisite sweetness from the warm island sun. Thirdly in this fruit medley, we have tangy pineapples. These tart fruits are stripped of their spiny exterior to reveal the mouthwatering yellow flesh.

And finally, we have fresh and wild green kiwis! Once the furry brown skin is peeled away, the lush emerald green fruit is ready to be devoured! All of these fruits would be great in a fruit bowl, but Candy King went one step further. These four fresh fruits are tossed into a vat of sweet sticky bubblegum! Once the fruit juices are thoroughly mixed with the bubblegum, the candy is shaped into thick squares, and popped into the vape bottle you see before you! Enjoy a delicious cloud of fruits swirled into a delightful bubble of gum, also known as Tropic Bubblegum by Candy King!