By The Pound Milk

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By The Pound Milk has the taste of a moist vanilla cake alongside a glass of creamy milk. This is a treat for the taste buds. It will satisfy your dessert cravings.

By the Pound Milk has the taste of a creamy vanilla pound cake with a tall glass of milk. Imagine you take a bite of a mouth-watering pound cake while sipping on some fresh milk. That's just how it tastes when you are vaping Milk. This is a classic dessert e-juice. You'll want to kick up your feet while vaping it. It is hard not to fall in love with this vape liquid because it is delightful. If you are a cake lover, then you know that nothing beats the taste of a rich vanilla cake. By The Pound Milk will have you licking your lips after every puff. You will want to immerse yourself in the captivating flavor of this e-liquid.