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By The Pound Coco

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By The Pound Coco is a classic marbled pound cake covered with chocolate syrup. Vaping this ejuice will feel as though you're sinking your teeth into a pound cake. After tasting this sumptuous dessert, you'd want to order it by the pound.

Butter, sugar, cream, vanilla, and eggs are whisked together to form a thick, sweet cake batter. Melted milk chocolate is swirled into the cake batter for a marbled look while adding a bold taste of silky cocoa flavor! The entire dessert is poured into a greased pound cake pan and whisked in the oven where it is baked. The soft and spongy pound cake is removed from the oven and flipped upside down onto a cooling rack, sending out sweet and mouth-watering scents throughout the kitchen. This ejuice will keep your sweet tooth cravings at bay! Creamy chocolate and sweet vanilla come together to create a buttery pound cake dessert that you won't want to put down! By The Pound Coco will enrich your vaping experience.