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Burst Duo Salt Peach Raspberry Ejuice

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Vape something sweet and fruity with Peach Raspberry eJuice by Burst Duo Salt! Warm peaches and sultry raspberries promise to tickle your taste buds with every puff. This vape juice is available at Ultimate Vape Deals for a steal of a price in 30mL bottles at 25mg or 45mg nic salts.

Brand: Burst | Bottle Size: 30ml | Nicotine: 25mg/45mg | Flavor Type: Fruit

Full Flavor Description

Experience a refreshing blend of fruits that's bound to satisfy your fruit cravings in an instant, thanks to Peach Raspberry eJuice by Burst Duo Salt! Our journey begins in the heart of Georgia, where ripe peaches are the pride of the Deep South. We headed to one of the state's largest groves and set to work picking the lush fruit. The fuzzy peach skin tickled our fingertips as we stripped the fruit from the branches. Our lips were kissed by the soft peach skin as we sank our teeth deep into the warm fruit, drinking deeply of the fresh peach juice.

Once we had eaten our fill of the refreshing peaches, we headed off to see what other fruits we could find. We discovered a wild raspberry patch, with prickly thorns to ward off predators. Careful not to prick ourselves, we gingerly pried the berries off the brambles and filled our mouth with the sweet fruit. The soft and fuzzy skin of the raspberries tickled our tongues and delighted our taste buds. We decided to recreate this delightful fruit flavor in Nic-salt form, perfect for fruit lovers across the country. Puff on Peach Raspberry eJuice by Burst Duo Salt and punch those pesky fruit cravings right in the kisser, available today at Ultimate Vape Deals!