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Burst Duo Salt Guava Dragonfruit Ejuice

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Guava Dragon Fruit eJuice by Burst Duo Salt offers smooth exotic flavors in 30mL bottles with 25mg or 45mg nic salts. Refreshing guava and sweet dragon fruit join forces in this sweet and tropical vape juice. This combination of two exciting tropical flavors is yours for the taking, if you dare, at Ultimate Vape Deals!

Brand: Burst | Bottle Size: 30ml | Nicotine: 25mg/45mg | Flavor Type: Fruit

Full Flavor Description

Grab your shield and sword, fellow vapers, because today we're out to slay dragons...dragon fruit, that is! We felt especially adventurous today, so we donned our battle armor and headed out on our fastest horse to the lair of the tropical dragon. The slumbering dragon was oblivious to our presence, and we prayed it would stay that way. We stealthily crept into the lair, skirting large piles of gold coins and fancy trinkets. We searched the lair until our eyes espied a pile of freshly picked dragon fruit, obviously the dragon's pride and joy. We gathered up as much as we could carry, our bags straining at the weight of the fresh fruits. We headed back towards the entrance, only to discover a second pile of fruits, this time fresh guavas.

We scooped up as much of the guavas as we could carry and once again made our way back to the entrance. Alas, we must have stolen too many of the fruits, as one of the guavas tipped out of our hands and clanged against a pile of gold coins. Instantly the dragon awoke and lunged at us. We screamed in terror and bolted for the entrance, nearly escaping with our lives! We managed to reach the safety of our castle before the dragon slayed us. As a token of this story, we've crushed sweet dragonfruit and fresh guavas together in a single 30mL bottle. Taste the fruits of our labor without ever having to go near a dragon, thanks to the Guava Dragon Fruit eJuice by Burst Duo Salt.