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Burst Duo Salt Apple Watermelon Ejuice

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Apple Watermelon eJuice by Burst Duo Salt delivers the rousing flavors of fresh apples and juicy watermelons. This delightful flavor comes in 30mL bottles, in either 25mg or 45mg nicotine salts. Shop Ultimate Vape Deals for a bargain price and discreet clouds of warm fruits today!

Brand: Burst | Bottle Size: 30ml | Nicotine: 25mg/45mg | Flavor Type: Fruit

Full Flavor Description

Feast on sweet summer fruits all season long, thanks to Apple Watermelon eJuice by Burst Duo Salt! We begin this refreshing fruit flavor by heading to a countryside orchard, where fresh apples dangle in the breeze. We stretched out our hands and plucked the ripe fruits, marveling at the warmth from the summer sun. We sank our teeth into the crisp apples and reveled in the sticky juice as it runs down our chin. Once we had eaten our fill of the sweet October fruits, we picked the remaining low-hanging fruit and filled our bags near to bursting.

Next, we headed to a nearby watermelon patch. Thick kudzu vines nearly hid the swollen melons from our line of sight, but our sharp machetes tore away the weeds to reveal the massive melon. We carved the melon into thick chunks and felt instantly refreshed with the sweet summer fruit. The combination of the crisp apples with the ripe watermelon was truly a delight to taste, which is why we created an Nic-salt e-liquid rendition, just for you! Now you can feast on fresh apples and juicy watermelon whenever you like, made possible by Apple Watermelon eJuice by Burst Duo Salt!