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Burst Duo Guava Dragonfruit eJuice

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Guava Dragon Fruit eJuice by Burst Duo is an exotic fruit combination of fresh guavas and juicy dragon fruit. Explore the magical fruit flavors in every cloud and channel your inner cloud warrior. This delicious fruit fusion comes in 60mL bottles with 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg nicotine strength. Get yours at Ultimate Vape Deals now!

Brand: Burst | Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio 70/30 | Flavor Type: Fruit, Sweets

Full Flavor Description

Beware the mighty dragonfruit and the powerful guava in this delicious fusion of exotic fruits called Guava Dragon Fruit eJuice by Burst Duo! In order to craft this fine flavor, we headed to a secret dragon lair. We sneaked past the sleeping dragons, careful not to nudge any of the gold coins and trinkets that littered the floor. Our intent was solely for this rare and delicious fruit. We carefully gathered up as many dragonfruits as we could carry and headed back towards the entrance. We found dozens of fresh guavas near a large mound of gold coins and struggled to scoop up some of these sweet fruits as well.

Balancing our precarious bundle, we made our way back towards the entrance. We were only a few feet from the entrance when we stumbled on a pile of gold trophies. The dragons instantly awoke and roared their displeasure at having been robbed. We raced out of the dragon's lair as quickly as we could, leaving behind a scattered mess of fruits. We made it back to our vape lab with very few guavas and dragonfruits, but we were alive! Enjoy the fruits of our excursion in every puff of Guava Dragon Fruit eJuice by Burst Duo today, available at Ultimate Vape Deals!