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Bubble Gang Sour Menace

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Sour Menace Ejuice by Bubble Gang lets you enjoy a menacing cloud of flavor, ripped straight from the shriveled hearts of granny smith apples! But don’t worry, no apples were harmed in the creation of this least not very much...

Brand: Bubble Gang | Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Sweets

Sour Menace Flavor Description

Puff on the menacing flavor of angry green apples plucked unwillingly from their apple trees in the dead of night and ripped from their branches without warning. Long has it been known that granny smith apples pack a powerful bite and this flavor is no exception! Each of these green apples are chopped and diced and squeezed of their mouth-squinching flavor, presenting the perfect flavoring for Bubble Gang’s newest bubblegum flavor. The apples were bred with a fighting spirit, stubbornly refusing to fulfill their bubble gum destiny until rough hands snatched them from their branches.

Yet instead of biting into the overwhelmingly sour flavor of a stubborn apple, now you can much better enjoy sour green apple bubblegum that packs an angry wallop of sourness in every cloud! Take your vape taste buds on a sweet and sour bubblegum candy journey and feast on delicious sour green apple clouds! Bubble Gang has long been regarded as a powerhouse for producing eliquids with impressive flavors and Sour Menace is no exception. Lose yourself in a sweet and puffy bubble of green apple bubblegum flavored clouds that will happily delight your vape taste buds for days, thanks to Sour Menace by Bubble Gang!